Garota Sonhadora
Faça de seu sonho,uma realidade..
Siga em frente,sem olhar para trás.. Você vai passar por várias escaladas,e até por lugares obscuros. Mas acredite,você vai alcançar onde você queria chegar.


Blaine Anderson needed for a Glee rehab roleplay!

Welcome to Vancouver. The largest city in the British Columbia is known for many things and reels in a large number of tourists from a wide variety of places. Though what most don’t know about this heavenly city with high skyscrapers and ski resorts is that on the outskirts  there lies a massive plot of private land belonging to Logan Monroe that possesses one of the finest rehabilitation centers in the country, maybe even in the world; Lost Lakes. Those who are patients, or residents as they like to be referred to, know it all to well though. These are the troubled youth for whom some it’s their last resort. It’s the very bottom of their rock bottom. If the best can’t save them, nothing will. No matter what brought them here or how severe their cases are, they’re stuck. Only time will tell how some will cope or if they’ll even make it out alive.

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